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Linux VPS Hosting Plan’s Comparison

Uptime Guarantee, Affordable and Fast Virtual Private Servers
Solo Linux CloudPlus Linux Cloud Pro Linux CloudBusiness Linux CloudEnterprise Linux CloudPremier Linux Cloud
RAM 2 GB 5 GB 9 GB 13 GB 18 GB 36 GB
Processor Xeon E5 Xeon E5 Xeon E5 Xeon E5 Xeon E5 Xeon E5
No of Cores 1 2 4 4 6 10
Storage 20GB SSD 50GB SSD 80GB SSD 100GB SSD 100GB SSD 200GB SSD
Bandwidth/mo 600GB 600GB 600GB 1TB 1TB 1TB
IP 1 Dedicated Ip 1 Dedicated Ip 1 Dedicated Ip 1 Dedicated Ip 1 Dedicated Ip 1 Dedicated Ip
Operating System Centos 7 (Latest) Centos 7 (Latest) Centos 7 (Latest) Centos 7 (Latest) Centos 7 (Latest) Centos 7 (Latest)
Price(Per Month)
$22 $11
$50 $25
$104 $52
$112 $56
$130 $65
$196 $98
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Best VPS hosting India

Natsav is a prominent name in the industry because we provide the best VPS hosting in India. Our servers benefit you in many cases when you have an instant resource request or anything. Our VPS server has a couple of benefits like it is fast, secure and stable. We are well aware of the importance of user experience and that is why we never compromise on quality. Being a client-first company we strive to keep the prices affordable so that everyone can avail the benefits.

Unlock the benefits of VPS and enjoy the ultra fast Linux hosting. Now you don’t have to pay big bucks or hefty amounts because you can avail better performance at cost-effective prices. Now you can build your server the way you want without compromising your needs.

We provide you power packed addons like:

  • Backup: Protection and recovery of your data.
  • SSD: upgraded storage for extra volume
  • Server management: Easy to start, stop and restart the server We offer you the services as per your demand.

Get your Linux VPS Server hosting in Three Simple Steps


Step #1. Create Your Account

Process is very simple, Click on "Register" button and fill all required information.

Step #2. Choose A Plan

VPS hosting differs a great deal from Shared hosting so choose a better plan which you want.

Step #3. Launch Your VPS

After Creadit, NatSav provide your purchased VPS with all configuration and migrate your website with free of cost.

Linux VPS Server Hosting


Linux best VPS Hosting by Natsav

Natsav provides you with the best linux vps server hosting with 100% reliability, dedicated control and scalable environment. We assure you that all our servers endorse a protected environment along with adequate amount of ram and CPU which make us the best vps hosting providers. We provide you productive services that can help you to boost your business by our cheap linux vps hosting and windows vps hosting.

We give you multiple vps hosting plans so that you could choose what is best for your business. VPS is basically the segmentation of a physical server into several virtual servers, making sure that all those individual virtual servers endorse a protected environment along with a substantial amount of CPU and RAM resources. VPS Server hosting differs a great deal from Shared hosting. The virtual servers in VPS hosting do not intend to have a competition among themselves for the acquisition of the CPU and RAM resources. This tendency is often found in Shared hosting. Because of this portentous feature of virtual servers in VPS hosting, the performance of website is not affected due to the competition among the servers for the possession of resources.


Managed Linux VPS Hosting Plans

If you are having our vps server hosting then you will clearly observe the boom that will strike your business and you will be able to promote it worldwide with the help of our well-managed vps server. Our extraordinary features include our affordable cost along with the best vps hosting, better control with an outstanding interface, ease of access, almost 100% uptime all the time and 24/7 support and guidance. Our vps server hosting includes quality elements like good bandwidth, fast processors, good control panel and many others at very reasonable and affordable vps hosting plans. We provide you with the best vps hosting at a very affordable and sincere price plus we have multiple vps hosting plans so that you can choose what is best for you and your business. We are always ready to help and serve you with our managed vps hosting.

Our Cloud Linux VPS Server Hosting Features



Using the VPS server hosting by Natsav, the company can scale-up their performance and requirements as the website progresses at the market.

Affordable Cost

Best VPS hosting offered by our company is one of the most affordable and reasonable deals available in the market in the current times.

No Overage Fees

The disk capacity and the bandwidth provided by our VPS hosting plan are unlimited. There are no hidden costs involved with it.

User can exercise better control

VPS hosting provided by our company is totally in contrast with Shared hosting.

Easy Usability

We strive for providing the user an ease at work by solving all the complications that reside in VPS hosting.

Uptime Guarantee

The uptime guarantee of 99.99% the legacy of Natsav aloof from the other VPS Server hosting providers in the market.

Constant Support

The support provided by us for 24/7/365 is phenomenal.