AUP(Acceptable User Policy)

This Policy applies to all the clients of Natsav upon using our services. While reading the acceptable user policy of Natsav, the clients agree to abide by the laws pertaining to usage of services.

Resource Usage:

While using the shared hosting accounts, it is restricted to make the account resources available for the regular public. Whether the shared hosting account is for free or a paid account, the availability of resources to the general public is prohibited. The public services like statistics, image hosting and free web hosting are prohibited from being exhibited. The shared hosting accounts should make use of an acceptable level of resources and it must maintain below 2 percent of the total resources available within the system.


Natsav holds a very effective anti-spam policy and maintains it comprehensively. The clients are always guarded against unwanted spammers across the globe. The unauthorized email advertising as well as open proxy servers are regulated carefully by us. If any client is found violating the rules regarding our SPAM policy, Natsav will take no longer in deactivating their account. Natsav reserves all the rights to advocate civil remedies against the ones who violate company's law regarding email spamming.

Adult Content:

Adult content must be in compliance with the company laws. The rules and regulations set by Natsav about the adult content must be followed by all the clients. If Natsav finds any content that is objectionable, they reserve full rights to suspend the account of the client.

NatSav Shared hosting:

The publishing of adult content is strictly prohibited for the clients holding shared hosting accounts. This prohibition applies to images, videos and any other adult content in all forms.

Packages with unlimited web space are initially configured with 50 GB of available web space. The available web space capacity for unlimited web space will be checked once daily and, in the event the customer's usage approaches the limits of the available web space, NatSav will increase the webspace configuration automatically in increments of 1 gigabyte at no further cost to the customer, but no more than once per day. NatSav reserves the right to move customers to servers which are more suited for that customer's usage, in NatSav's sole discretion, and the customer agrees and understands that during any such move some or all of the NatSav services may be unavailable or inaccessible.

You agree and warrant that your use of the NatSav Services and NatSavs Equipment, and all sales and distributions, by any and all means, of any type(s) of Content including, but not limited to, executable files (such as .EXE), digitized audio/visual files (such as MP3), or archived copies of copyrighted works (such as .ZIP); goods, including, but not limited to, videotapes and CD-ROM products, and any type of services by you, which are advertised and/or promoted by, or are in any other way directly or indirectly associated with your use of the NatSav Services or NatSav Equipment, shall at all times comply with all applicable Laws.


Natsav has complete rights to decide what action needs to be taken in case of violation of rules. This decision will be taken on case to case basis. The client will be liable for the civil or criminal case in case he does not adhere to the regulations set by the company. The actions taken by Natsav in case of violation of rules also include the termination of the account of the client. This termination may be temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity of the case. Natsav is not liable for providing any prior warnings before termination the account of the client, in case of mis-conduct.

Basic Manage Server:

NatSav provide you only standard support. If third party or reseller user wants to support for hosting or vps, NatSav doesn't provide any support in basic manage support.

Natsav Reserves the rights to alter the AUP:

Natsav has a sole right to amend or modify this AUP at any point of time. This modification may take place without a prior notice being issued. The customer is responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations set by the company and hence follow them without any counter-questions.

Refund Policy

If you no longer require hosting with us, we'd ask that you please contact us. This way we can terminate the accounts that aren't in use. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase simply notify us to receive a refund, minus a handling and transactions fee of 15% for every software copy.

We do not require any type of contract so you may cancel service at any time.To cancel an account, you must e-mail to [email protected] requesting the account cancellation (at least 15 days after purchasing hosting). You will be notified via e-mail as soon as the cancellation request is completed or if any further information or action is needed on your part. Canceling your payment

may result in immediate cancellation of your hosting account regardless of any remaining time left that you have pre-paid for. Be sure that you have copies of your web files before you cancel your hosting.

NatSav has developed and strictly adheres to the following refund policy for web hosting services. We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us as your web hosting provider and value you as our customer.

All requests for account cancellation must be submitted in writing. It will be necessary for the customer to provide the real reason for canceling the account. At this time NatSav's customer care team will attempt to respond to the customer's needs in a positive way in order to meet the requirements, and needs of the customer in order to correct any issues and satisfy the customer.Please note that if you have more than one web hosting account with us and only cancel one of the them, the refunded amount can not be transferred to any other of your web hosting accounts that you have with NatSav.

System and Network Security

The clients are restricted to use the services of Natsav for compromising the security and safety of the system and its resources. These are the activities that are prohibited: Harassing people or public property. Distribution of services that are meant to breach the security. Unauthorized access to data that is an attempt to scan the working of system or network. An attempt to overload the system or advocate broadcast threats. Transferring files that possess virus.