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Startup Email Hosting

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  • Email Storage: 10 GB
  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • 24x7 Support
  • Additional Storage Available
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Startup Email Hosting

Total Email Storage: 10 GB
Email Id's: 1
Email that matches your domain
AntiSpam, AntiVirus
Calendar, contacts and tasks
Storage File Share link
Works with the email app of your choice
$ 0.64 / mo $ 0.44 / mo

Personal Email Hosting

Total Email Storage: 50 GB
Email Id's: 5
Email that matches your domain
AntiSpam, AntiVirus
Calendar, contacts and tasks
Storage File Share link
Works with the email app of your choice
$ 3.3 / mo $ 1.85 / mo

Business Email Hosting

Total Storage: 100 GB
Email Id's: 10
Email that matches your domain
AntiSpam, AntiVirus
Calendar, contacts and tasks
Storage File Share link
Works with the email app of your choice
$ 6.57 / mo $ 3.69 / mo

Email Hosting

Natsav brings you the premium email hosting at a marginal cost. It has been mastering the department and offering some services that are lacked in the other Email Hosting providers.


The Best Email Hosting Service Provider

We are among best email hosting providers because we provide you with the best services and features that can boost your business very fast. Our affordable plans and access make us one of the best email service providers. Our systems are very secure and will always save you from anti-social elements that can cause trouble into your system. Our plans include premium anti-spam protection to save your time from the useless mails. We also provide the ease of saving contacts to the users. With our service email archiving is also possible for the smooth working of the system. Your security is our priority and that is why only the best quality antivirus security is provided by us every time.


Affordable & Cheap Email Hosting Services

We provide you cheap email hosting with excellent reliability, security and interface. We are among few email hosting providers that provide customers an excellent interface for sharing notes, tasks, contacts and many things for the ease of access to the users that can give your business a plus point. We observe the era and that is why we also provide mobility to you for the smooth and anytime access which makes us best email service provider. And that is not all, to support you we provide you with the summary of account usage so that you can give a star to your planning for the better result that can help you compete in the market. We work on the basis of automation and that is why we bring the cheap email hosting.

Our Email Hosting Features


Protection from Mail Bombing

Natsav safeguards its customers from several anti-social elements who execute mail bombing.


The chat option is available for the customers to connect with us in an easier manner with their friends and business acquaintances.

Premium Anti Spam Protection

The spam mails are effectively filtered using a premium anti Spam protection

Contacts, tasks and calendar

The Email Hosting service also offers the ease for the users to save contacts.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving is very much possible using our service.

Anti-virus security:

An additional feature that dwells with our offer is the anti- virus security.


The sharing of email folders, contacts, calendars, task lists,and notes has been made easier using our service.

Hassle Free File Transfer

The transfer of files is very easy when it comes to our email hosting server.

Mobile Usability:

Since, this is a Smartphone era the user can access his/her mail accounts through his/her phone.


The summary report about the usage of an account is sent to the user on a regular basis.

Top Reasons why you must choose us

  • The Business Email ID is available for a minimal cost . This is a sumptuous market.
  • We enable the users to retrieve the messages that they have lost somehow. It keeps the track of lost data and hence makes the email usage, a secure and fruitful scenario.
  • The synchronization with Smarter Mail is another added feature in the offer that is available with us.
  • The ability to administrator all the accounts through single ID makes the environment hassle free. A single ID can manage all the accounts with ease.
  • Our mail hosting service integrates with almost all the hand handled devices. It is very important as it is an era of the smartphones and their role in the current email market that cannot be ignored.
  • The list of Smarter Mail clients includes the likes of NASA, PayPal, cPanel,P&G, USDA, UCLA, BOSE, among the others. Such industry giants wholeheartedly believe in our services and have credited the swiftness in their work to our services.