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Terms and Conditions:



Natsav appreciates the privacy of users or company sending us mails regarding advertisements or other purposes. All the mails will be kept secretive from our company. We will make sure that there is no leak of information from our end. With the recent growth in the world of internet, it is necessary that we keep the customer database as secret and do not reveal it to the other users over the internet. The confidentiality of customer info is our foremost principle and duty.

99.9 Percent Uptime Guarantee:

Natsav stands for the betterment of its services rendered to its customers. We take the guarantee for 99.9 percent of uptime. This guarantee of uptime is accompanied with a technical support of 24*7. Hence, there are a very few chances that the customer will have to face a black day in his daily schedule. If some problem persists, our dedicated team of professionals will be keen to help its customers within the appropriate time frame.

Service Level Agreement:

This agreement should be rightfully followed by the users from the moment OPF (Order processing form) is effective. The agreement of service exchange will be between Natsav and the customer. The terms of SLA will apply to both the parties, i.e., Natsav and the customer. The Service Provider, that is Natsav here and the customer shall be termed as two different parties according to the SLA. The terms and conditions posted in the service level agreement shall be adhered by both the parties; the failure in doing so can result in legal troubles for either of the parties. The customer accepts the terms and conditions mentioned in the SLA and considers the service provider as an expert in jotting down the conditions as mentioned in the OPF. The customer will also make sure that he has willfully accepted the services of Natsav after carefully reading all the conditions and terms written in the SLA and other documents. The SLA comes into practice right after the OPF is issued to the customer and both parties must agree on this term.

Information Security:

We maintain a composed team that is dedicated to keep your info secret. We also make use of encryption technologies in order to avoid customer info being leaked to the outside world. Therefore, while paying online, the customer does not have to worry about his info being leaked. However, he must also adhere to the responsibility of keeping the info intact. For example, the customer should make proper use of user name and password. The password shall be changed continuously in order to secure the info from being leaked. The right selection of password is very important as well. In case the customer info gets leaked due to customer’s mistake, then Natsav will not be taking the responsibility of the data loss.

Modifications in the Privacy policy:

Natsav reserves the right to alter or change or modify any term or conditions according to the circumstances. The modifications made in the privacy policy become effective from the time that they are posted online. Hence, if there is any confusion or dispute, the customer must refer to the privacy policy before making any claim.