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Why choose NatSav LLC Reseller Program?

Our Reseller Hosting Program makes it easy to start or row your web hosting business and boost your profits. Resell our products with your brand.

  • High discounts
  • High quality Services
  • White Label (Build your brand)
  • Coupon Apply on Any Billing Cycle
  • 1Gbps/10Gbps Services
  • Sell high margin products
  • Multi virtualizations
  • Multi Locations
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support

To become a NatSav LLC Reseller, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be responsible for your client’s Support, Billing Accounting and Customer Service
  • Complete your Verification process before enroll you.
  • Handle Abuse, DMCA and SPAM complaints promptly and efficiently
  • Have no past due balances with NatSav LLC
  • Minimum 3 active product

Resellers get benefits by following monthly recurring discounts:


Level 1 Discount Level 2 Discount

Professional Business Email



Web Hosting (Shared, Cloud, Windows)



Reseller Hosting ( Cpanel Hosting, Windows Hosting)



Cloud VPS ( cPanel VPS, Plesk VPS, unmanaged VPS, Windows VPS)



Tally On Cloud



Dedicated Servers (India Location Only)



WordPress Hosting



  • Reseller Discount or coupon cannot be combined.
  • Resellers have to maintain the minimum requirement to qualify for the discount.
  • You are eligible for Level 2 after 5 activated product.
  • Website discounts also avaialbe with above plans.

Our Reseller Program Features

No Deposits

We do not require any deposits from your side. Our reseller program system is fully automated, so once you set up your 3 active devices into your natsav panel the Reseller Coupons will be activated.

Volume Discounts

Natsav discount system based on monthly recurring charges so you can get huge discount and it goes up with the number of your accounts.

Fast and Reliable Servers

We own our servers and choose only top of the line hardware. All our servers are equipped with solid-state disks (SSD) and are running the latest Xeon Processors.

Buy & Sell

You can buy discounted services and resell them to your clients easily

24/7/365 Premium Support

We understand you have a business to run and that's why all Resellers get Premium Support when it comes to customer services in sales, support and billing department. You will gain direct access to our staff to make sure all your services are running fine without any problem.

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Frequently Asked Queries

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Joining our reseller program is absolutely free - there are no hidden registration fees. You sign up and start using volume discounts right after purchasing your three active products.

The reseller program can be used for several purposes:

a) You can easily manage all your hosting accounts from a single interface, b) you can take advantage of special volume discounts, c) You can resell our hosting services to make a significant profit.

We offer Web hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS, Wordpress Hosting and Dedicated server services.