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Plesk VPS Hosting Plan’s Comparison

Uptime Guarantee, Affordable and Fast Virtual Private Servers
Standard Plesk VPS INBusiness Plesk VPS INPremium Plesk VPS INElite Plesk VPS IN
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Processor XeonE5 XeonE5 XeonE5 XeonE5
No of Cores 2 2 3 4
Bandwidth/mo 1 TB @ 10 Gbps 2 TB @ 10 Gbps 3 TB @ 10 Gbps 3 TB @ 10 Gbps
IP 1 1 1 1
Operating System Free Plesk Free Plesk Free Plesk Free Plesk
Price(Per Month)
$30.78 $15.39
$40 $20
$76.89 $38.44
$95.33 $47.67
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Get your Linux VPS Server hosting in Three Simple Steps


Step #1. Create Your Account

Process is very simple, Click on "Register" button and fill all required information.

Step #2. Choose A Plan

VPS hosting differs a great deal from Shared hosting so choose a better plan which you want.

Step #3. Launch Your VPS

After Creadit, NatSav provide your purchased VPS with all configuration and migrate your website with free of cost.

Power-packed Performance with our Plesk Server

Plesk VPS Hosting is a cost-effective and efficient solution for your dedicated hosting requirements. It uses KVM Infrastructure to build a powerful virtual machine with a virtualization layer. Plesk VPS Hosting provides three different Plesk license options as well as a variety of Linux distribution options.

Why choose Natsav Plesk VPS Hosting

SSD storage

SSD storage improves the reliability of your Plesk VPS Servers and provides a significant performance boost. SSD storage is accessible in our all Datacenters.

WordPress Management

The integrated WordPress toolkit secures and handles numerous WordPress instances, plugins, and themes in a centralized manner. Plesk 30 domains & Unlimited Edition is the only one that includes staging and cloning, so you'll never have to code on a live site again.

Solid Server Security

With our Plesk VPS hosting, you can use pre-configured security settings for different authentication methods, anti-spam or anti-virus support, automatic updates, and vulnerability monitors. Integrate easily with Fail2Ban, CloudFlare, LetsEncrypt, or Symantec to protect Plesk, new domains, subdomains, and webmail with SSL certificates.

Nginx & Caching

Improve the performance of the Apache webserver by using Nginx, a high-performance web server that is commonly used as a reverse proxy server and for caching.

Resell as Shared Hosting

Create your own plans and customize the server environment. Plesk allows you to handle blogs, web apps, emails, resellers, and customers all in one place.