• Shared hosting starting at $1/mo.
  • WordPress hosting starting at $1/mo.
  • Reseller hosting starting at $9/mo.
  • VPS hosting starting at $8/mo.
  • Dedicated servers starting at $30/mo.

Natsav is considered one of the best Web Hosting providers. It offers Windows-based and Linux-based servers, SSL, and SSD for all plans. By availing of managed support of Natsav, customers get uptime monitoring and regular backups, Our plans offer automatic patching and malware scanning with additional updates.

Natsav users have access to our services round the clock 24/7/365 and its team of professionals manages the software, hardware, network, and security for your business. 24/7/365 customer support is available not only by live chat and email but by phone. This hosting option offers free site migrations with some dedicated attention paid to making a transfer as smooth as possible. And, if you’re willing to go for one of the higher-end plans, the company has put some serious attention into performance and caching.

The substantial plans with superlative features are a portion of our strength. Also, we eliminate the misleading of published pricing. Natsav publishes the most competitive prices and Server renewals are done at the same rate which makes Natsav unique.

It is also advised to you that a customer can ask for a loyalty discount. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that, like other web host providers, all the unlimited plans offer to customers aren’t actually unlimited. This web host expects you to use its service like “similarly situated customers.” This is like being on a highway. If everyone is going a few miles above the speed limit, you’re probably okay, but if you’re barreling down the fast lane past everyone else, you’re probably going to be asked to slow down.

The Company is feature-rich and has so many things to offer you:


We continuously monitor our server resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process, and Script.


The support provided by us for 24/7/365 is phenomenal. We value our customers and dedicate ourselves to the betterment of customer service.


The uptime guarantee of 99.99% sets the legacy of NatSav aloof from the other Server Hosting providers in the market.


The disk capacity and the bandwidth provided by our Server Hosting plan are unlimited. There are no hidden costs involved with it.


Using the Hosting by NatSav, the companies can up-scale their performance. The flexibility provided by our company for users to scale vertically without the need of reboot is incredible.


We strive for providing the user ease at work by solving all the complications that reside in Servers Hosting.
www.natsav.com is a reliable and trusted web host you can visit and avail all the services here.





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