Overview: In this article, we will discuss how to Transfer or restore cPanel Account in WHM (Web host manager).

To Transfer or restore a full cPanel Account follow the steps.

Step-1: Login into your WHM account With username and password

Step-2: Navigate to Transfer>> Transfer or Restore cPanel Account.

Step: 3 next select the options you want to use in the restoration process. This section dived into six parts

1: Restricted Restore: The Restricted Restore feature performs extra security checks on the backup file. If part of the backup file has a security issue, the system will not restore that part of the backup. Just checkmark on this option

2: Transfer option: Next select the transfer or restoration method. These sections divided into three categories.

A: Restore from a local cpmove file: Select this option if the cpmove file already exists on the server in one of the predefined locations.

B: Upload a file to restore: Select this option if you want to upload the cpmove file to the server.

C: Transfer from Remote cPanel Account: Select this option if you want to transfer a cPanel account from a remote server.

3: Select a file: Select the file on the server to use for the restoration.

4: Overwrite Existing: Select this option to overwrite any cPanel accounts with the same username.

5: Migrate A Records: Replace either all or some of the A records upon restoration for the cPanel acc

A: Replace all matching records: Replace all instances of the original server’s IP address with the new IP address, such as in custom A records (default).

B: cPanel-provided A Records: Only replace basic cPanel-provided a record in zone files

6: Dedicated IP Address: if you want to assign an IP for the account (you must have free IPs on the server

Step-4: Next click on the restore button ou can also use the Pause Queue and Abort buttons if you want to pause or abort the process.

After following these steps you have successfully restore cPanel accounts In WHM.

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