The Basics of Defending Your Network Security

Each day on the news, there is a new headline regarding a large corporation that has had its website intruded by anonymous hackers who have released a surprisingly large amount of personal information. The first step to maintaining a large website is to understand the fundamentals of network security.

For any large business with multiple cloud servers, perhaps the most critical step to take is to install a firewall between the cloud server and the Internet itself. Firewalls can be configured to restrict the flow of traffic and examine the websites visited by traffic. Malicious users can be easily thwarted.

Often, the users themselves can inadvertently cause negative situations. It is important to emphasize the importance of strong passwords throughout enterprise applications. You may also want to consider incorporating card-key access into your business routine.

Never allow your corporation’s databases or file servers to be accessible directly from the Internet. Instead, utilize Oracle or MySQL database connections for these purposes.

If you think that your business is being too careful, you are not. Security is important for any business, but should be a top priority for large corporations with a large array of sensitive data.

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