Few security Add-Ons Natsav offers you!


1. Secured VPS

Managed VPS hosting is ideal for any user, regardless of technical level. Because the hosting provider handles technical server-related tasks, including service and OS components update, kernel patching, and HIDs setup.

2. Migration to HTTPS

While switching to HTTPS has many advantages, underestimating the process can be a disaster. For both rankings and traffic. You can’t just deploy an SSL certificate to the domain. Smooth migration to HTTPS needs a webmaster to adjust XHR requests, match the scheme, adapt page nav, and fix embedded objects. If you’re selling SSL certificates, this service is a good add-on.


3. Website Security Monitoring

 This lets you stay in control of security and functionality. It checks websites and identifies issues at the earliest. You can also easily embed the service into the hosting panel, available for customers by per-domain subscription.

4. Web Application Firewall

Patch vulnerabilities and fix misconfigurations of web apps to save a hacked website from a second attack. Web Application Firewall resolves these issues using virtual patching and traffic filtering. It can also be seamlessly integrated into the hosting panel.

5. Virtual Patching

Sometimes, a CMS can’t update to the latest version. Because site owners want to keep old projects running under the same user account. So, the websites become vulnerable and threaten the neighbors. Virtual (or real) vulnerabilities patching is a lighter and cheaper solution than Web Application Firewall in this case.

6. Extra Backups

Many users get an unpleasant surprise when they contact their hoster for an old backup and expect to roll back a site to a version older than 2 weeks. The solution may be to expand the user account with Extra Backup, which you activate right from the panel. So, customers can keep as many backups as they’re willing to pay for.

17. DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack happens when a network of computers sends a large volume of requests to a web server at the same time. With DDoS protection, a customer’s site is less likely to crash, and visitors are less likely affected by poor website performance. This service may also include spam-bot and HTTP flood protection – both very popular nowadays. So, the AntiDDoS might be a good option for hosting to resell.

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