How to register on our official website

There are simple basic steps given below to register on our website


Step-1: Open search engine like google, chrome, safari, on your devices and write down on the search bar  and click on the search button

Step-2: After that our official website page will appear on the screen of the device.

Step-3: There are lots of options available on the website you just click on the register button on the right-hand side of the website.

Step-4: you are required to fill in the registration information on each field. Check below the detailed description for each field.

# Personal information: In this section please fill your personal information like name, phone number, email address. This section divided into four-part.

  • First Name: In this section please enter your first name
  • Last Name: Enter your last name in this section
  • Email Address: Write down the official website on this section that you want to for notification.
  • Phone Number: Enter your valid mobile number.

# Billing Address: In this option fill your Billing Address details.

  • Company Name (optional): Write down the company name in this section.
  • Street Address: Enter your Address that you want.
  • City: Enter the city name where do you live
  • State: Enter the State name
  • Postcode: Enter your area postcode on this option
  • Country: Select the country

# Additional Required information: This Section divided into two parts.

  • GSTIN: In this option Enter your GST number.
  • INR: Select the currency that you want to have.

# Account Security: In this section, you will need to create a password for your Account Security.


  • Password: You should enter a strong and secure password for your Account that you have been created.
  • Confirm Password: Enter the same password as above to confirm the spelling.

Step-5: After filling in these details please enter the characters you see in the image below into the text box provided. This is required to prevent automated submissions.

Step-6: After that checkmark in terms of service.

Step-7: After that click on the register button.

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