Reasons for You to Have a Dependable Email Hosting

There has always been an ongoing debate about whether it is essential for the modern time businesses to have dedicated social media accounts to survive the increasing level of competition in the e-business space or whether the organizations and survive and thrive without any SEO and marketing.

email hosting, Reasons for You to Have a Dependable Email Hosting

Now, whether you decide to go for the SEO and online marketing services or not, there are two things that every business requires to have its presence on the world wide web regardless of the industry it belongs to or the purpose it wants to achieve by coming online – a website and a business email id. Consequently, you would also require email hosting and web hosting services.

Though its often overlooked, the businesses and users otherwise must understand how significant it is to be reliably able to send and receive the emails without any delay or visual errors. An efficiently sent email and the intricacies of spam filters really reflects the reputation of the sender and the brand.

An Inbox for Your Brand

There had been concerns in the 2000s that indicated that the use of emails in business might eventually die because of the volume of spams, but it hasn’t really impacted anything. Emails still remain one of the primary modes of communication for businesses and customers to connect with each other. In fact, you might be able to locate a website without their contact number stated anywhere, but you will definitely come across an @ address somewhere on their contact page.

Interestingly, the customers also prefer communications with the brand through emails rather than any other platform. Consequently, the conversion rate through email marketing is still observed to be 40% higher than the social media marketing.

Need for Email Hosting

Customers will come to your online business portal and make purchases or a query, depending on the call of action you want from them. Now, when customers expect a reply from you in their inbox, they want it to be sent from an email address that looks something like [email protected], as opposed to [email protected] The latter could look like a suspicious email address to your customers and they may not prefer to open it, but the former will make your business emails look more reliable and professional.

Now, when it comes to picking up a dependable email hosting partner for your business email address, India-based companies have always had certain advantages because of the low rate of spam. Connect with us today to know which email hosting plan would suit your requirements and flow of messages the most.

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