How to order new services on natsav panel?

Here are the simple basic steps are given below to order a new service on the Natsav panel.

Step-1: Login to client Area Natsav panel with username and password.

Step-2: After login, there are a lot of services that will show you on the panel just go services icon and click on the services button then click on the order new services option.

Step-3: As soon as you click on the order new services will take you directly to the website.

Step- 4: Then select the product you wish to buy.

Step-5: Click on the Add to cart button.

Step-6: After clicking on the Add to cart button you will need to choose a Domain registration there are three types of options Available just select the one that you want.

Step-7: Then after configure window will appear on the devices just select or choose the Billing Cycle that you want then after click on the continue button

Step-8:  Then After Review & Checkout window will appear on the devices then click on the checkout button.

Step-9: please enter your personal details and billing information to checkout.

Step-10:  If you already registered on our website then click on the already register button. And write down the Email Address. And Password.

Step-11: And then please choose your preferred method of payment that you want.

Step-12: you can enter any additional notes or information you want to be included with your order here in the Additional Notes section.

Step-13: After that checkmark on terms of service and click on complete order.

Step-14: After following these steps you have successfully ordered a new service.

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