Linux VPS vs. Windows VPS: Which is Right for You?

VPS referred to as a Virtual private server is a virtual, autonomous portion of a large main server node, commonly a component of a powerful dedicated server. The virtual private servers excel in four major areas that are: security, stability, control, and performance.

A Virtual Private Server runs its own copy of an operating system, which enables customer’s exceptional access to that operating system. Customers can install almost any software that runs on the OS after that.

While choosing a VPS for the service, this is further divided into two operating systems you can opt for i.e. Linux and Windows. Hosting support tech has to answer one question a lot: “Which Operating system is right for them?”

, Linux VPS vs. Windows VPS: Which is Right for You?
Choosing a VPS is one of the most important decisions you can make while buying a new VPS. Let us go through the perks of each operating system. It is solely a buyer’s decision as it depends not only on price and specifications but also on requirements, scripts, and, databases you wish to have on your website.
Linux VPS Advantages

While comparing the prices of two operating systems, Linux operating is comparatively cost-effective, as it is free and open-source whereas, windows requires an operating system license. Therefore, most Linux server applications are also free.

This operating system offers more flexibility when we look at the control panel factor. Plesk, a control panel can be used for both Windows and Linux VPS, but in Linux only cPanel is compatible. This plays a vital role in choosing Linux over Windows VPS.

As of open source, Linux is notoriously resilient to viruses and malware. On the other hand, the Windows operating system requires a manual installation plethora of security software to combat script Kiddies and SQL attacks.
Windows VPS Advantages

The best advantage of grabbing the Windows VPS is a comfortable and easy interface. Windows will be helpful for Virtual private Servers novices and it adds a perk especially for a familiar windows individual.

In case, your business is largely dependent on Microsoft Software, A Window VPS is the best choice for that factor. Websites that are built with the ASP.NET framework work needs a Windows VPS for superlative performance.

Remote desktop access is also one of the best advantages Windows has over Linux. One can directly access from anywhere to their VPS server from the interface. This gradually makes server management easier than Linux, which needs a text-based Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.

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