Impact of Cloudflare on Your Website

Were you aware of the fact that Cloudflare, which is basically a free service from NATSAV, can actually help you reach a wider audience base while supercharging your website? Get excited about your newly discovered service because you can now improve the intelligence, speed and security of your website with just a few clicks. All you have to do is connect an experienced team and they will integrate it to your account

, Impact of Cloudflare on Your Website

Introducing Cloudflare

When we create the website, we do not consider the challenges of its optimization that comes along. So, how will you optimize your website? Well, one of the best ways to do it is by calling the assistance of Cloudflare.

Though Cloudflare hosting has various amazing benefits, but the one that is worth mentioning here is that it offers a reduced page loading time. This is quite a crucial metric in SEO calculations, boost website security and uptime, and these factors could prove to be really significant in retaining the visitors on the site.

What does Cloudflare in store for you?

  1. DDoS Protection

You can ensure that your website is secure with the help of Cloudflare, as it examines your website’s traffic and prevent any malicious activities from happening even before they begin.

  1. Site Content Caching

With the help of Cloudflare, you can be assured to get the website content delivered faster while helping you stay online for longer by instantly caching copies of your website.

  1. Increased Uptime

If one of the locations of your website suffers downtime, then Cloudflare will make sure that the traffic coming on your website is not impacted by picking up a slack from a different location.

  1. Boosted Speed

Cloudflare will save your website data at 35 different places around the globe to drastically cut down the latency while keeping your data where it needs to me.

Arming Your Website Against Cyber Attacks

Your business website is just like your physical store, just that its present in the world wide web rather than having a particular location. It is the representation of your business in the online world, thus impacting the reputation of your brand everywhere. Remember that your online business can be attacked and the attempts can be made by the malicious intruders to force you out of business. So, you would need to treat it and protect it just like you would have taken security measures for your shop front.

With Cloudflare, you can ensure the security of your data present online. Being the world’s largest cloud network that has been trusted by more than 13 million domains worldwide and more joining in every day, you will be provided with 30 TBps of capacity as they have partnered with 175 data centres around the globe to create a safer, smoother and faster experience for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your super-fast, always active and optimized website with us and let your business grow without any worries.

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