How to order new services on natsav portal?

Here are the simple basic steps given to below to order a new services on natsav portal.


Step-1: Login to client Area natsav portal with username and password.

Step-2: After login there are lot of services will show you on the portal just go services icon and click on the services button then click on order new services option.

Step-3: As soon as you click on the order new services will take you directly to the website.

Step- 4: Then select the product you wish to buy.

Step-5: Click on Add to cart button.

Step-6: After click on Add to cart button you will need to choose a Domain registrations there are three type of option Available just select the one that you want.

Step-7: Then after configure window will appear on the devices just select or choose the Billing Cycle that you want then after click on continue button

Step-8:  Then After Review & Checkout window will appear on the devices then click on checkout button.

Step-9: please enter your personal details and billing information to checkout.

Step-10:  If you already registered on our website then click on already register button. And write down the Email Address. And Password.

Step-11: And then please choose your preferred method of payment that you want.

Step-12: you can enter any additional notes or information you want included with your order here in Additional Notes section.

Step-13: After that check mark on terms of service and click on complete order.

Step-14:  After following these steps you have successfully purchase or buy single domain LINUX HOSTING plan on our website

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