How to login/access in WHM

What is WHM:

WHM (Web Host Manager) provides administrative control over your Dedicated Server or VPS. It allows a hosting provider to manage a customer’s account. WHM is also a reseller control panel.  Manage features of hosting packages and accounts. Reset passwords/contact email addresses for Cpanel accounts

, How to login/access in WHM

What WHM Does:

WHM gives you a suite of tools to easily do the following things:

1: Create, delete, and suspend your cPanel accounts.

2: Manage and monitor your sites (password resets).

3: Access to check and change all of your domains’ DNS zones.

4: The ability to configure your own customers’ support requests through cPanel.

5: Permission to check the server information and status.

6: Ability to create your own default page when you create a new account.

7: Access to customize your hosting and control panel with extensive branding.

8: Ability to change your client domain names and user names.

9: Ability to take a backup and restoration

10: Ability to edit a package

Hop between every cPanel on your account and access/change anything that does not require SQL access.

To log in WHM you have to follow some basic steps

These are the steps down here to log in WHM

1: Navigate to the following location in your browser: We are using local ip but you have to go with your server ip whatever you have

, How to login/access in WHM

2: Enter your WHM username in the Username text box.

3: Enter your password in the Password text box.

4: Click log in

After following this step you have successfully log in your WHM


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