How to block mail Send (SMTP) of a single user in WHM

You can try the following steps to block smtp of a single user:

Login Server from root SSH and run below commands:

1. #touch /etc/blockeddomains

2. #echo “” >> /etc/blockeddomains

Please replace with your domain name.

Then login WHM and follow below step:

3. Go to “Exim Advanced Editor > Section: CONFIG scroll down to “Add additional configuration setting”.

Add the line at end:

domainlist blocked_domains = lsearch;/etc/blockeddomains

Then scroll down to the Section: ROUTERSTART which is below the democheck entry and add:


driver = redirect

# RBL Blacklist incoming hosts

domains = blocked_domains


data = :fail: Connection rejected: SPAM source $domain is manually blacklisted.

Conclusion: this blog help you for block mail Send of a single user in WHM.

If you have any type of queries regarding to block mail Send of a single user in WHM so please write down the your valuable comment on comment box.

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