Shared Hosting Security Risks is a major concern for buyers these days. But you cannot deny the fact that Shared Hosting is the most lucrative Hosting Solution for websites, especially among New Businesses and Bloggers.
Here we are listing down six ways by which you can allay the fears of using a Shared Server.

1. SSL Certificate:
Secure Socket Layer Certificate a.k.a SSL ensures that the data is communicated between the server and the browser in an encrypted form.

2. Updated Plugins and Scripts:
This aspect of the shared Hosting keeps your website up-to-date so that your website can repair the loopholes and avoid any security vulnerability.

3.Regular Back-up:
Regular Backups plays a major role in saving your business from losing all the data and restore your website to the working condition after failure.

4. Frequently Changing Password:
It is highly recommended to use stronger Passwords but as cybercrime is inclining, it is required to change the password often to avoid any misuse.

5. Make use of CDN:
Content Delivery Networks also referred to as CDN optimize the website speed and act as the first line of defense against cyber attacks.

6.Use Trusted sources:
It is important to install software, tools, plug-in only from their official sites. As the installation process must be authentic and reliable.

It is an undeniable fact that a website hosted on a Shared Server is vulnerable to cyber threats. The above steps will help you secure your shared hosting setup.

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