With help of Six SEO Tips Boost Your Website:

Overview: Here are the best tips to boost your website SEO in few hours. We hope these tips will help you to understand better and help to grow your business online.

Here are the few tips to increase traffic on your website:

01: Choose the right URL structure

02: Add Alt Text on all images

03:  Backlinks

04: Update right Anchor links

05: Have the Right Website Structure

06: Increase Website Speed

Let’s discussed about these six useful tips:

01: Choose the right URL structure:

Before your site goes live, you have to give it name. Also known as your domain name that is the location that guests will type in to discover your site. It’s one of the first thing visitors see when they come to your website. That’s why it’s also the first place Google looks to understand what your site is about and to decide how to rank it. Keep in mind one think always with this in mind, it’s important to make sure all your pages’ URLs are clean and beautiful. This means no special characters, no hash bangs, no page ID.

02: Add Alt Text on all images:

Image alt text plays a key role to rank your website online. Always choose your target audience & keywords to optimize your alt tag. It will help to rank on search engines. Nowadays almost 70% of searches on google are provided through images. So it’s very important to optimize your website’s images as soon as possible to rank better on google. Always prefer high-quality images & unique content for user posts.

03:  Backlinks:

If you want to increase traffic on your & also want to beat your competitors then backlinks play a most important role for your website. High quality backlinks & do-follow links provide you huge traffic on your website. High quality links give you link juice for your website & google search engines will consider that links to rank your site online. Always choose high DA sites for ranking & also update the content on your site regularly which will give you an instant boost to your traffic. If you follow these tips then definitely this will help to grow your business & also improve organic traffic on your website.

04: Update right Anchor links:

As you write the text for your website, consider where you can use anchor text within your site. Anchor text is the clickable text on a hyperlink that visitors can use to be taken directly to another web page, either within your site or anywhere on the internet. Effective anchor text should be used to help users navigate your website and find what they are looking for

05: Have the Right Website Structure:

Search engines scan websites to mainly look at your content. Your content and website structure in general would be better if you explain them the text hierarchy. The most relevant part is the title of your page and you should define it as H1. The H1 should be descriptive the page’s content and you shouldn’t have more than one H1 per page.

06: Increase Website Speed:

Google realized that performance elements like Site speed were very important for users, and thus added it as a ranking factor — site speed can now make or break your site’s performance in Google’s search results.

Here are the few ways you can boost page speed for better ranking.

  • Minify unnecessary code on your page
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Reduce server response time
  • Choose the right hosting option for your needs
  • Enable browser caching
  • Enable compression
  • Compress images to cut down page size by 30-40%


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