Gmail New Feature For Security

Recreantly, google introduce some update feature for gmail. This refresh will give Gmail’s 1.2 billion users an improved look and plenty of extra features including the ability to work offline and send emails in a new confidential mode

Red Alert Security : When Gmail seen any threat in email message then it alert the user by “red alert” across the message.

Confidential Mode: It provide the some new feature for sender regarding the content of email as

  •   Stop the Message to getting forward.
  •   Block the message for download or print.
  •   Ability to require additional authentication before an email  can viewed            (Passcode generated via SMS or 2FA).
  •    Expiration date after which the email vanishes from the recipients’ inbox.

Nudge: This feature is used to remind about the “important email ” and It also move the message up for that take the action.

Smart Reply: This feature provide the quickly answer with automatic response.

High-priority notification: In this, only notify about the important messages.

Snooze: This feature is disable the email until a set of time (Hover menu).

Easily Unsubscribe Spam: In this gmail recommend when to unsubscribe from mailing lists. unsubscribe suggestions appear based on cues like how many emails you get from a sender and how many of them you actually read.

Look: In this the better look of gmail is appear with the side panel that show the google apps interaction like “Google Calender

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