How to generate a new ticket on natsav panel?

In this blog, we have discussed how to generate a new ticket on Natsav panel we have given you simple basic steps just follow it.

Step-1: Login to Natsav panel with username and password.

Step-2: Next go to open ticket section and click on that.

Step-3: After click on that you will see an open ticket window will appear on the devices there are three types Enquiries department will show you.

#: Support Enquiries

#: Billing Enquiries

#: Sale Enquiries 

Click on that you want to generate a new ticket.

Step-4: Next fill the information for generating a new ticket. These section divided into six parts given to below.

# Name: Next enter your name.

# Email Address: Enter the email address that registered on Natsav panel.

# Subject: Enter the subject that you want to generate the ticket.

# Department: Select the department.

# Priority: Select the priority.

# Message: Entered the message that you want to write regarding your ticket.

# Attachments: If you want to an attachment on ticket just choose the file from your devices.

Step-5: After doing this task click on Submit button.


After following these steps on Natsav panel you have successfully generated a new ticket.

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