How to Download and restore full website backup on cPanel?

Why do you need a website backup?

Something cloud always happens to your website, whether it’s crashed hard drivers, hacking attempts, human errors, and many more.

Those instances could result in corrupted files or, even worse, data loss. The time that should be used to grow your business is allocated to recover those files instead.

This is why you need to back up your website regularly. If one of those cases happen, you can avoid permanent data loss by restoring your website files.

#: To generate a full back up in cPanel:

Here are the simple basic steps are given below on how to generate a full backup in cPanel.

Step-1: Login to cPanel with username and password.

Step-2: Then go to the file section, and click on the backup wizard icon.

Step-3: After click on the backup wizard icon backup wizard window will appear on the device there are three types of option available 1-backup or restore, 2- full or partial backup, 3- download, just go to the first option backup or restore and click on the backup icon

Step-4: Then click on the full backup icon.

Step-5: Then select the backup destination and write down the email address for backup notification.

Step-6: Click on the Generate the backup button.

#: How to download the full backup:

To download the full backup from cPanel

Step-1: Login to cPanel

Step-2: In the file, section click on the backup wizard icon

Step-3: Under full backup, click generate/ Download a full website backup.

Step-4: Under Backup Available for download, click the link for the backup file you wish to download.

Step-5: Select the destination on your PC where you would like to save the backup.

#: How to restore a full backup:

Step-1: Login to cPanel

Step-2: In the file, section click on the backup wizard button

Step-3: After that go to the restore section and click on the restore button.

Step-4: Then go to select restore type section select the type you wish to restore.

Step-5: After that choose the file and where you have downloaded the file on the computer, select it and after that, I click on the upload button.

After following these steps on cPanel you have successfully to Download and restore the full website backup on cPanel

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