How To Create a Virtual Machine on Hyper-V Manager

What is Hyper -V Manager ?

Hyper-V Manager is a powerful administrative tool which works on Virtualization Technology. Hyper-V Manager tool to Create, destroy, change and configure Hyper-V virtual machines.

Through Hyper-V Manager, you can create virtual machines with different -2 type of OS like Windows VPS and Linux VPS .

It has guest operating system and upgrade or install integrated services that improve integration between Base Machine and the Virtual Machine (VM).

How To Create a Virtual Machine on Hyper-V Manager

  1. Open Hyper -V Manager and Right click on your base machine and create a “New” Virtual Machine (VM).

hyper-v manager


2.It open a new window pop with “New Virtual Machine Wizard” and follow the below step for creating:

  • Before You Begin – Next

  • Specify Name and Location – Name (According to your Requirement ) – “click” on “Store the virtual machine in a different location” (you can choose machine location where you can install it) – Next.


  • Specify Generation – choose “Generation 1” – Next.


  • Assign Memory – Startup memory (According to your Requirement) – Next.


  • Configure Networking – Connection choose your Network connection for the machine – Next.


  • Connect Virtual Hard Disk – “Create a virtual hard disk” – Name (Ubuntu-16.04.4 LTS.vhdx) – Location (browse for location where you want to create it.) – Size (as per your requirement ) – Next.


  • Installation Option – “Install an operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM”- “Image Files (.iso)” – Next.


  • Summary – Finish.


Now your Virtual Machine or VPS is created on Hyper-v Manger and start it.



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