How to create FTP Account in Webhosting cPanel:

FTP Account: An FTP account is used for uploading and managing files on your website. An FTP account is automatically created in cPanel when you sign up for hosting, create a cPanel, and create an addon domain or subdomain or enable anonymous FTP… use your cPanel username and password to log into it. You can use this interface to create and manage your website’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts. FTP allows you to manage your website’s files.

Here are some basic steps to create an FTP Account in cPanel Just follow.

Step-1: Login to your Webhosting cPanel with username and password.

, How to create FTP Account in Webhosting cPanel:


Step-2: After login Webhosting cPanel click on the FTP Account tool under the files section.

, How to create FTP Account in Webhosting cPanel:


Step-3: You will need to fill in the FTP Account information in each field. Check below the detailed description for each field.


# Login: Enter your username for the FTP Account. It will be used in combination with your main domain name to create a complete username. For example, if you enter testftp in the login field, you full username will be [email protected]

# Password: You should enter a strong and secure password for your FTP account. Use the Password Generator for creating a unique password.

# Password Again: Enter the same password as above to confirm the spelling.

# Strength: Here you will get to know how secure your password is. The strength levels from Very Weak to Very Strong will help you to determine this.

# Directory: Your FTP account will be limited to the directory you will mention in this field. An assumed directory will be auto-filled by cPanel depending on the FTP username. You can delete everything after public_html/ and mention the directory you want the user to access. You can also type a single / with which the user will get access to your home directory (anything outside of the public_html folder).

# Quota: You can give a number for the disk space to be assigned for an FTP user or set it to Unlimited.

# Please Note: You can decide on the level of access for a user. With this the FTP user won’t be able to navigate outside of the specified directory. But, the user will get access to all the files and subfolders within that folder.

, How to create FTP Account in Webhosting cPanel:

Step-4:  Finally, click on the Create FTP Account button. A notification of Account Created will be displayed after this:

, How to create FTP Account in Webhosting cPanel:

After following these steps you have successfully create an FTP Account in cPanel.


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