How to create cPanel account in WHM


Overview :  The Create a New Account interface allows you to create new cPanel or WHM accounts. … cPanel users can access the cPanel interface and have access to manage most aspects of a website. The root user and the reseller who owns the cPanel account can specify the account’s privileges

# You have to follow below steps to create a new cPanel account in WHM:

Step-1 : Login into your WHM by Using YOUR domain name and your ip address . just like that https://your_domain/whm or https:// we are using local domain name or local ip address . you have to login with real server ip and domain name

, How to create cPanel account in WHM

Step-2: After login into your WHM new interface will come out your screen go to create a new account.

, How to create cPanel account in WHM

Step-3 : Go to the domain information

, How to create cPanel account in WHM

Step-4: Write down the domain name whatever you want like

Step-5: Go to the username section write down the username whatever you want like test11

Step-6: Go to the password section generate the password and retype the password in the password section

Step-7: write down the your official email id in the email section

Step-8: Then go the package section choose the package you want

, How to create cPanel account in WHM

Step-9: Then go to mail routing setting and select the local mail exchanger

, How to create cPanel account in WHM

Step-10: Come to the DNS setting and enable the dkim on this aacount and also enable the spf on this aacount

Step-11: After that click on create button

After following these steps you have successfully create an account in WHM

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