Natsav, having the forte in dedicated servers and cloud servers had found a change in demand for the products in today’s scenario. As the technology revolutionizing has made people more digitalizing, highly specialized tech companies asks for “Video Servers,  Gaming Server and Forex Servers” to have more and better control over their performance, infrastructure and cost.


Here “Dedicated Servers” can be specified as completely automated delivered servers or highly customized setups, which are only and only used by the owner without any interference. Whereas, “Cloud” is referred to as virtual servers combined with additional features.

Natsav believes that near future hosting will move more and more towards cloud environments that offer calculative rates and swift performance. Natsav offers the best and flexible contract. We work day and night to maintain the best environment for the maintenance of our servers and preparing the best cloud solutions for our clients. By providing the feature-rich servers, we built the customer trust and offering them with highest performances, we strengthen that trust each successive day.

Nowadays, customized solutions are most preferred by the customers, and for that purpose clients prefer a dedicated server with high specifications. Instead of Cloud, Dedicated servers are being cost-efficient if you have a broader mass of infrastructure. Natsav offers the best Dedicated servers with Locations worldwide with 24/7/365 support and this enables the superlative performance of the servers with no downtime. Hence, Cloud Servers, KVM Virtual Servers and Managed Cloud is offered with Worldwide locations, and Managed Cloud can be categorized further as , “ Managed Amazon cloud, Managed Google Cloud, Managed Digital Ocean, Managed Linode, Managed Vultr” that assure the reliability, security and performance of the servers.

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