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In our opinion, Yes, Natsav Hosting is the best hosting for WordPress on the market place. But we have some great reasons indicating our belief in our brand. Below mentioned are a few reasons why we admit that Natsav is the finest hosting for WordPress.

  1. An Established Name
    An aspect that one is required to be aware of hosting providers is that there are a lot who pop up declaring to be outstanding, only to fall throughout in a few years. Natsav has been into web hosting services since 2013. In that time, we have established ourselves as one of the most excellent on the market.
  2. Numerous Services Offered
    Natsav is not just superlative in web hosting. It has assorted distinct services containing domain name set-up and website design. This indicates that you can avail of all (or most) of your website requirements from one service. Natsav can register or list your domain name for you, design the website, and then host it on their servers.
  3. Good Uptime
    An additional factor that you should see in a web host is a considerable reputation for uptime. Uptime is the percentage portion of time that a host’s servers are online and actively working. Natsav offers a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and they are solely responsible for the same.
  4. Cost-Effective Shared Hosting
    The bottom tier of service that Natsav offers is shared hosting(what we refer to as Shared Hosting). This service runs from $1 a month. These simple plans are very economical and superlative for blogs and various renowned personal sites of yours, which are about to start out online and are trying to gain a foothold.
  5. In-House Customer Support
    Another essential basis of hosting a website is considerable and reliable customer support. Natsav is proud of their expert professionals as they serve for best customer support being based in India and dealing across the entire globe. These customer support representatives are available 24/7/365 through phone, email, chat, or ticket system. They also have a wealth of client support advice that mark higher Google’s rankings of such materials.

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