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Natsav offers standalone email hosting among the range of different packages that this established web hosting services provider offers.

Natsav’s email hosting offers 10GB of storage by default, with the ability to sync emails between desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, there’s an ad-free webmail software platform included.

Another key feature is a smart anti-spam filter, which ensures the filtering of spam messages, but also viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. The filter is adaptive to emerging threats, ensuring that you remain protected.

There are a couple of key advantages to having your own hosted email account. The first is that it remains connected to your company domain name, which looks far more professional than a free email account.

Additionally, it also means you have complete control over your own data, and that your emails won’t be automatically scanned to provide advertising at you, something free email providers do all too commonly.

Pricing is relatively inexpensive and depends on whether you wish to pay on a monthly basis or commit to annual payments. Monthly plans cost just $2 a month, while triennially commitment reduces this to the equivalent of $1.85 a month.

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