+5 best Relational Databases in 2019

Below you’ll find the best SQL servers and relational databases according to  real-time user reviews:

  1. Microsoft SQL


Microsoft SQL Server is the most commonly used and highest-rated relational database according to G2 Crowd. The product supports most common Windows and Linux operating systems.


Some standard features within the current version of SQL Server include referential integrity, fine-grained locking, and multi-version concurrency control. It also supports access through both SQL queries and graphical user interfaces. Its highest-rated features on NatSav are its query language support, availability, stability and Unlimited MySql database.


2. MySQL

MySQL is a cross-platform, open-source relational database that was released in 1995. MySQL was purchased by Sun Microsystems, now Oracle Corporation.

It’s an open-source version and a commercial enterprise version are available. The enterprise edition includes a number of extensions and plug-ins that provide additional functionality. The product’s highest-rated features on NatSav are its Availability, Query Language support and Unlimited MySQL database.

3. Oracle Database 12c

Oracle’s relational database offering is the most popular database of any kind listed on DB-Engines. However, Oracle DB is only the third most popular and third highest rated product in our relational database category. Oracle DB is currently in its 12th version after churning out periodic updates since its original 1979 release.

The product supports Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Oracle Database 12c includes data and server management automation and a number of proprietary Oracle tools for security, management, reporting and analytics.

4. Amazon Relational Database Service (AWS RDS)


Amazon RDS is a cloud-based relational database designed for quick setup and simple scaling. It has supported MySQL since 2009. Today, developers can use existing databases or build new relational databases using Amazon Aurora.

Amazon RDS features are centered around simple development and scaling. RDS includes tools for monitoring, security and cloud budgeting. The product’s highest-rated features include backup, storage and availability.

5. PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL is a commonly used relational database system that supports Windows, MacOS and many common Linux distributions. It was released in 1996 and delivers ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance and transaction functionality.

PostgreSQL provides tools for full-text search, sub-selection, common table expressions and embedded SQL implementation. Its highest-rated features are availability, stability and query language support.

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